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Marshall County is home to several automotive parts suppliers.  Tier 1 Honda Suppliers such as Newman Technology of Alabama and TSTECH Alabama have for many years found that being in Marshall County gave them access to a well rounded workforce, friendly community relationships, and a sense that they belonged here.  

When companies locate in Marshall County, the service does not stop there.  The MCEDC is constantly reaching out to our manufacturers and assisting them in any way possible.  Our companies don't just locate here, they grow.  Newman Tech is currently wrapping up a $35M expansion in its stamped products division.  In 2016 TSTECH completed a $24M expansion to automate the welded components of the seat assemblies.  With these expansions, these two companies alone represent roughly $200M investment in Marshall County and employ collectively over 1,000 people.  

Newman Technology 7 2017 reduced size      TSTECH's newly completed automation center
                       Newman Technology of Alabama 2018     TSTECH Alabama after 2016 expansion

Along with our Tier 1 suppliers, Marshall County is also home to several other Tier 2, Tier 3 and aftermarket parts suppliers. 

We have a number of robust sites and buildings all across the county.  Most sites in Marshall County are roughly equidistant (60-90 minutes) from both the Honda facility and the MTMUS site.  If your company supplies Honda and plans to supply Mazda Toyota, Marshall County is your location!  Visit our PROPERTIES page to see what sites are available and their distance to the MTMUS site.  Contact the Marshall County Economic Development Council or one of our partners TVA, NAIDA or the Alabama Department of Commerce today to start your site selection process.  

North Alabama Industrial Development Association (NAIDA) has developed a website to highlight potential sites in North Alabama that are suitable for suppliers.  Check it out at: http://www.automotivesites.us/   


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