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Register Today for the 2024 Wage & Benefit Survey!

New companies can register via the link below. Registration will close March 31. Companies that have previously participated will be automatically registered for the 2024 survey and do not need to complete the form.

The Marshall County EDC conducts a Wage & Benefit Survey for its local industry partners. The survey helps local employers gauge their compensation and benefit data against other companies in our region. The survey data is valuable to companies to use as a pricing tool for bidding contracts, and, most importantly, as a human resources guide for benchmarking wage and benefit rates. General information about the survey, webinar recordings, user guide/help documents, and contact information can be found here.


The 2024 Survey will open for participation on April 2 and close on April 26.

Marshall County can provide the needed skilled workforce to support new and existing industries. In addition to already having a large pool of skilled workers to draw from, there are also free to low-cost workforce development programs that can be customized to meet a company’s specific needs.

Learn more about available workforce training programs.

 2020 Report Occupation Wages - Marshall County



Civilian Labor ForceEmploymentUnemploymentUnemployment Rate
Marshall County44,44443,5728722.0%


Underemployed WorkersUnderemployed Rate
Marshall County7,86018.6%
Region 1102,26119.7%


Civilian Labor ForceEmploymentUnemploymentUnemployment Rate
Marshall County44,44443,5728722.0%
Blount County24,80524,2525532.2%
Cullman County37,71036,9307802.1%
DeKalb County31,25730,6336242.0%
Etowah County39,51538,1521,3633.4%
Madison County190,704186,3834,3212.3%
Morgan County59,22357,9191,3042.2%
Area Total427,658417,8419,8172.3%

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